Ryosuke Yamanishi, Risako Kagita, Yoko Nishihara, Junichi Fukumoto: Detecting Attractive Phrases from Musical Lyrics Focusing on Typical Expressions on Lyrics, International Journal of Affective Engineering, 14(3), pp.167-174, 2015年6月

Lyrics influence human affection toward music as same as the acoustics. All phrases in a lyric are not remembered; there are some “attractive phrases” in lyrics. This paper proposes a method to detect attractive phrases from musical lyrics focusing on typical expressions on lyrics that are uncommon in natural document. Through the interview on impression for lyrics, “uniqueness of co-occurred terms” and “repetition” were founded as typical expressions that significantly attracted human. Therefore, these expressions were modeled as mathematical features. The proposed method detected attractive phrases using support vector machine with the modeled features. The results of the model evaluation experiments showed the 69% accuracy and 86% precision. The detected results were compared and discussed with the key sentences detected by using the existing summarization methods. As the result of the comparison, it was concluded that the proposed method detected attractive phrases more accurate than the existing summarization methods.