Yudai Tsujino, Ryosuke Yamanishi, Yoichi Yamashita: Characteristics Study of Dance-charts on Rhythm-based Video Games, Proc. of IEEE Conference on Games 2019, pp.157 (4 pages), 2019年8月

This paper studies the characteristics of dancecharts on rhythm-based video games while clustering the dancecharts with the track features. In the opinion of expert players, it is considered that the difficulty level of the rhythm-based games depends on multiple features for the song and chart. The difficulty levels for dance games has not well been studied though it has been already done for other genres of games. This paper designed the track features for dance games, which would be varied depending on characteristics of the track. Moreover, we conducted a dance-charts clustering by using the k-means method with the designed features. As a result of the clustering, it was confirmed that the clusters were composed mostly based on the step frequency and the complexity of rhythm. Also, it was found that the scores with the extremely characteristic features were separated from other scores and clustered as one class with themselves. The discussion in this paper indicated a possibility for the objective evaluation of the dance-charts.