Kaoru Toyoda, Yoshihiro Miyakoshi, Ryosuke Yamanishi, Shohei Kato: Estimation of dialogue moods using the utterance intervals features, Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, 14, pp.245-254, 2012年5月

Many recent studies have focused on dialogue communication. In this paper, our target is to make a robot support a communication between humans. To support a communication between humans, we believe that there are two important functions: estimating dialogue moods and behaving suitably. In this paper, we propose dialogue mood estimation model using the utterance intervals. The proposed estimation model is composed by relating the subjective evaluations for several adjectives with the utterance intervals features. Through the estimation experiments, we confirmed that the proposed system could estimate the dialogue moods with a high degree of accuracy, especially for “excitement,” “seriousness,” and “closeness.” And we suggested that the utterance intervals features had a high potential for the dialogue mood estimation.