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Invited Session 11: Computational Culture, Arts, and Interaction on KES2023

The session has been successfully completed!!

We welcomed 6 papers of research for computational culture, arts, and interaction.

  • Yuna Fujii, Yihong Han, Yoko Nishihara, Junjie Shan: Sentiment Analysis of User Reviews Transition in Multimedia Franchise
  • Fuka Nakashima, Naoki Fujimoto, Ryosuke Yamanishi: Do Appearances Represent Personality of Created Characters?
  • China Takahashi, Mitsunori Matsushita, Ryosuke Yamanishi: Exploration cycle finding a better dining experience: a framework of meal-plates
  • Taketo Fujikawa, Mitsunori Matsushita: Estimating Story-events of Comics Based on Characteristic Words
  • Takumi Takaku, Yoshiki Maki, Satoshi Nakamura: A method to construct comic spoiler dataset and the analysis of comic spoilers
  • Tohya Aoki, Yuka Fujiwara, Satoshi Nakamura: Validation of Game Advantage Disadvantage Control Considering Color Vision Characteristics: A Basic Study on Among Us with Different Color Settings

This year is the first edition of this section. The section incidentally consisted of papers by Japanese researchers. However, we welcomed many participants, which were 50-50 between researchers from Japan and other countries. We kindly had so many questions and comments from the participants! Thank you so much for your kind attention!

We will plan to organize another session on KES 2024 in Spain. We are welcoming your papers for computational culture, arts, and interaction: comics, animes, music, foods, travel experiences, games, etc. Whatever we love to see, love to listen to, love to have, and love to do!
See you then!

KES 2023 6 – 8 September 2023, at Royal Olympic Hotel – Athens, Greece

Session Topics

This session aims to discuss methods and findings for computational culture, arts, and the interaction for such domains. The main focus of the target contents are as follows but not limited to:

  • Computing representation in comics
  • Computing semantics in comics
  • Computing representation in Animes
  • Computing semantics in Animes
  • Computational approach for reading comics
  • Computational analysis of interaction in reading comics
  • Computational analysis of interaction in creating comics
  • Music information retrieval
  • Computational approach for playing music
  • Lyrics information retrieval
  • Computational approach for music experience
  • Procedural Content Generation in Games
  • Computational analysis of games
  • Computational analysis of Interaction in enjoying games
  • Gamification and interaction
  • Tourism Informatics
  • Computational analysis of interaction in tourism
  • Computational approach for travel and sightseeing
  • Computational approach for foods and eating activities

Any methods and findings with computational technologies and manners are welcomed to this session. We call for papers to discuss the future of culture, arts, and interaction for such domains with computational approaches.

Session Chairs

Ryosuke Yamanishi, Assoc. Prof. at Kansai University, Japan
Mitsunori Matsushita, Prof. Kansai University, Japan
Satoshi Nakamura, Prof. Meiji University, Japan
Yoko Nishihara, Prof. Ritsumeikan University, Japan

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