Laboratory of Content-oriented Computational Culture & Arts

関西大学総合情報学部 文化芸術計算機科学研究室

Introduction of CCCA Lab.

Laboratory of Content-oriented Computational Culture and Arts, Faculty of Informatics, Kansai University is the laboratory for intelligent systems and computational analysis of cultural and art contents such as music, games, comics, foods, and travels. The interaction among users, creators, and industries are also the target of the research and the application of contents is also tackled as the research theme. The laboratory is supervised by Assoc. Prof. Ryosuke YAMANISHI, Ph.D.

A framework to embody story contents for enriching entertainment experiences

It is not too much to say that almost every entertainment we enjoy has a story; novels, comics, games, music, and even the communication between humans.

In this research project, we are trying to develop a system for analyzing a story and embodying contents in order to enrich entertainment experiences. Each of our systems is designed especially for the content features. For each content, we developed computational methods to analyze, visualize, and generate.

For comics

The comic is one of the most popular Japanese cultures in the world now. Like some historical and classical cultures such as ukiyoe and Japanese foods, comics and anime are now treated as cultural contents representing current Japan.

For novels

Reading books has been changed in its reading style. The widespread of digital devices enable us to bring almost an infinite amount of books as digital data. However, the change of style has not yet affected the content itself enough. We are trying to develop a “novel” system for new style reading of novels based on computational analysis.

Specific feature analysis and the content-based generation of games

The game is the most popular entertainment. Japan is a kind of origin of video-games; most of the platforms are developed by Japanese companies. The game is fun but we consciously do not know why we feel fun for the game.

We are trying to reveal the “mystery” of entertainment in games based on the computational approach.

Music informatics focusing on varied aspects: acoustics, lyrics, and some related information

Music is sequential arts with acoustics and lyrics. What we feel from listening to music is coming from not only the combination of acoustics and lyrics but also some other related information like who sings and when it is released.

In this project, we develop music retrieval systems based on some methods to analyze lyrics and acoustics to cover all aspects of music.

Information retrieval to support travel and eating out

Traveling is a very interesting activity in the global world. Sightseeing of heritage, eating some special local foods and having communication with the natives inspire us to jump from usual lives.

In this project, we develop a system to analyze information related to travels, eating out and some communication support.

For travels

For eating out